Version 0.4 Update!



The long-time-waited update, version 0.4, was released. Here are the changes:


  • Player will be able to open and close the doors
  • Add action button for pickup and opening/closing the doors. The pickup item list won't annoy you anymore!
  • Add Grenade
  • Add female Character
  • Add Floating/Fixed D-pad option to game Setting
  • Add Armor and Helmet
  • 2 new houses


  • Improve The Circle logic
  • In-game UI improvements: It will be much easier to switch the weapons
  • Improve male character
  • Adjust weapon range
  • Aim assist range now follows weapon range
  • Balance weapon damage on all guns

And many bug fixes

And we'd like to announce that this is the last alpha version. The next update will be the first beta version which you can register the account and play for free! We will announce the details of version 0.5 in the next blog post, including the release date and the changes.

See you in the battles!

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