Upcoming hotfix patch and iOS version


Beta version was out and we know that there are many bugs to be fixed and the improvements need to be done. Please don't be upset, we guarantee that we will solve all the issues and provide you the best Battle Royale experience in the upcoming versions. So, please bear with us.

We plan to release a hotfix patch (minor release) next week to solve some issues of current beta version and also add some improvements. Please see the details below:

  • Improve the third person animations
  • Improve the matchmaking time
  • Improve the control UI
  • Add Play As Guest login method
  • Fix all annoying animation bugs
  • Fix the bug which caused the first person camera slowly display.
  • Fix the issue with login
  • Fix the issue which caused the armor and vest disappear with female character
  • Fix the issue with rewarded video ads
  • And other 20+ bug fixes

We will also launch the iOS version this patch. It could take few days to proceed the App Store. So, please prepare for the battles!

Regarding the connections and performance issues, we are refactoring some core engine to boost the performance and the networking. This could take a few months to complete everything. After the work is finished completely, we expect the game will run smoothly on almost mid-end devices.

P/S: The next major update will come with some beautiful outfits. So, please stay tuned.

See you in the battles!

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