Open Beta Changes and Release Date



First of all, I and the development team from Horus highly appreciate your support and feedback during 4 alpha versions. We have added so many new features to the game in order to bring the best experience to you.

However, since we rushed for the new features in the past, we missed some issues that low down the quality of the game, and also your experience; such as the long wait in the lobby screen, the performance issue, the weird animations, and the crashes on version 0.4. We apologize for these bad experiences. 

Therefore, instead of adding new features to open beta version, we will focus on the stability and the performance of the game. Please see the changes we will add to the game here:

  • Improve the pick up system: Including the improvement the pick up points and adding vest and helmet to the loot crate
  • Improve the controls: both in the UI and the experience will be boosted
  • Improve the terrain and map layout
  • Improve the stability of client side: Solve the performance and crash issues
  • Improve the third person animations
  • Improve the first person weapon (when you aim)
  • Improve the female texture
  • Improve the water
  • Improve the matchmaking: You will match with the similar players
  • Improve the disconnected behavior in menu: The game will re-connect in main menu  and login screens
  • Add Google and Facebook authentications
  • Fix the issue which caused players have to wait for long time in the lobby to start a match
  • Many other bug fixes

And here is the news that you have waited for a long time: If there is no urgent issue, we will release the first beta version on Wednesday, 8th November 2017. The game will be available for you to create an account and enjoy the game in some countries. We will open more countries few week afterward.

Enjoy your battles!



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