Alpha update will be delayed to next week



First of all, we apologize for making you wait such a long time for the first update of alpha version. The build was ready to upload on Friday but we founded some annoying bugs with the Circle and new feature, Air drops.

Normally it's fine to release the buggy version in alpha stage. However, our team thought that we should provide you a good gaming experience for any release. Therefore, we decided to solve these issues through the weekend, and our QA team can start testing the build on Monday. If there is no sudden issue, we plan to release the new version to you via Testflight and Google Play alpha end of next Tuesday.

One more note, when the new version release, you will have the notification via Testflight and Google Play app. So, you just need to update the build with one touch. All the existed testers and the new one will be able to install the game.

Thank you for your understanding,

P/S: If you found any bug for want to suggest a feature, please use our forums. There is the "Vote" button in the post in someone posted already. We will consider to add the new features based on the most voted post for every major update. 

And in return for your support, we will credit the active members with good bug reports or suggestions with some valuable in-game rewards.

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