Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is ready for pre-registration on Google Play



We have a good news and a not-really-good news for you.

The not-really-good new is for the alpha 4 (0.4) version. Since there are many new big features in this release, we may need to take more time than we expected to finish (you can find in our previous blog post). The estimated date for version 0.4 is October 12th.

Don't be upset! The good new is here. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds was approved for pre-registration on Google Play

That means you can now subscribe to the game and when the official version releases, you will receive the notification. So, you will be the first ones who are able to download the game. And that's not all. We will reward the pre-registered players a survival package which contains valuable crates, gold, and cash!

The pre-registration is now only available in some countries. If you cannot find the game on Google Play, please stay tuned. We will open to more countries soon.

For the alpha testers, you are still able to download the alpha version normally.




Happy battles!

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