Alpha 2 development update


First of all, let me give you a big thank for your support and feedback since the time we announced the game. The development team in Horus Entertainment is more than happy to when our little child Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds is welcomed by you, the players. Here are some facts: 

  • Nearly 1,000 tickets each day via our support page. Most of the tickets are asking for the account.
  • 33,958 applicants for Alpha tester 2nd batch within 40 hours
  • We only issue 4,000 accounts (if you cannot find a match, now you know...). 55.26% of you opened the email. But the peak CCU (Concurrent Users) is still nearly 300
  • Our Facebook page reaches 23,786 likes while the game is still under development!
  • Our Discord server reach 540 members and they are very active

So, you may want to know what we are working on right now. Here is the information (please notice that this is not final change and we could change any of this list)


  • Battle activity feed

Yes, this is the most wanted feature. It took us a while to decide where the feed should stay and that's why this feature was not available in first alpha.


  • Realistic hitbox

Yes, you could not make a headshot in the first alpha version. We have just finished the hitbox system and you can show off your gunplay skill soon.

  • Medic kits

Well, finally you can heal yourself. The control will be much optimized for mobile devices. So don't be panic.

  • Battle circle improvement

We have received many feedback and suggestion for The Battle Circle. And of course, it will be improved, both in logic and visualization

  • Air drops

No comment. You already know what it is. Ready to fight until death for the unique weapon and armor.

  • Island map improvement

This is taking the biggest workload. Our art team is working extremely hard to improve the visualization of the map. Including lighting, model, texture, and terrain.

  • Hit effect improvement

Yes. I know the hit effect is so annoyed. It will be improved.

  • Pickup system improvement

You will be able to pickup the ammo, medic kits and loot your enemies (after killing them of course) soon.

  • Character animation improvement

We are re-working the whole animation system:

  • Add prone animation


  • Add new melee animation

  • Add pickup animation
  • Correct animations for melee state
  • Improve all other animations

Big thank to Kubold ( for your awesome animation sets!

  •  And fixing many annoying bugs.

We aim to release the alpha 2 version within this month. So please bear with us!


P/S: Don't ask for the account, please!

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