Alpha development update

I'd like to update some info regarding the development of alpha version.

As our initial plan, we would release the alpha version to alpha testers in this week. However, we think the quality of the game is not good enough, especially the animation and graphics quality. Moreover, as our latest blog mentioned, it was not well optimized for low and mid end devices, especially Android. 

Therefore, we decided to spend 2 weeks for solving these issues, together with fixing some bugs, and here are some progressions:

The game has a good optimization for both file size and FPS. You can see the improvement below.


  • As you can notice, the FPS has been increased nearly 3 times in my phone (Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro). We limit it at 60 now. Also, we have made some improvements to the lighting and shadow of environment and character. You can see the date of screenshots in the image name
  • Another improvement is animation. We are switching all animation to motion capture ones. This requires a lot of works and reworks and is the biggest remaining one
  • Adding bloody effect. Now you can see the bloody effect when you shoot your enemy. A big thank to my VFX artist, the only female artist in my team

 Finally, the alpha version is almost finished. We aim to release the first build to our selected testers next weekend.


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