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Thank you again for your support. We will have some more substantial blog posts over the coming weeks when we release the alpha version. For now, we want to answer some questions we’ve seen over the last week.

When will the alpha version be release?

The alpha version is almost done at the moment. However, our team thinks that we need a little time more to improve the graphics quality and also to optimize the game for mid-end devices, especially Android devices. We are also doing the stress tests and load tests for the servers to ensure the capability of our servers (we have 45,000+ players applying for alpha test via Google Form. It doesn't count the long waited list which didn't find the form.

Who is selected to join the alpha test?

The list is almost finalized. We will announce in the coming blog.

Will there be an open beta/alpha?

If there is no big issue, we will release beta version within one month after we release the alpha version. The open beta will be for everyone to join, on both iOS and Android.

How much will it cost?

The game will be free to play. We will have IAP in game (of course we need to feed our families :D) but they will not impact much to the gameplay.

How is the shooting, mechanic?

The game currently supports both manual shooting and auto fire. There is an option to switch the auto fire on/off via game setting so that you can have better gunplay strategies (you won't want to fire a very long distance target?). We do support aim assist (as other shooter games on mobile) and it can be turned on/off as well.

Are there vehicles in game?

Not in the alpha version. We have the plan to add the vehicles but it is also based on whether you like them or not.

Where are the servers located?

Currently, we have the servers in Southeast Asia and US.

Can we customize the character?

Yes, but not in the alpha since the character customization requires a lot of work to be done. For who want to know how is the character in game. Here it is (with our current main menu):

I want to see more. 

We will release first gameplay video this week. Please stay tuned.



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