Alpta test is going to start now


We have been sending the introduction to join the Alpha test to selected testers. Please follow it to proceed your download when the build is ready:

  • For Android version, it should be ready within next one hour
  • For iOS version, we are waiting Apple Store review team to approve the build for testing. It could take up to 1-2 working day. So, pleas be patient.

In this 0.2 version :

  • Up to 20 players per match
  • Solo Mode
  • Custom registration/login with email and password
  • Solo Leaderboard
  • Matchmaking
  • 1 island map
  • 1 character
  • 9 weapons with random spawn
  • 2 server regions: SEA and US

Known issue:

  • Lighting is too bright.¬†Will be solved in next patch
  • FPS is dropped down due to the lighting. Will be solved in next patch

See you in-game,


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